So what now? It's 2021.

So what now? It's 2021.

As I sit in my office at home, typing this out on my MacBook, it is quiet in my house. A beautiful Rottweiler is lying at my feet, and I actually feel good. I feel focused, I feel motivated, I feel thankful, and yet still, I feel like the world as a whole is off.

Even though I feel good, the world around me doesn't. It feels unbalanced; it feels as if there is an invisible barricade holding back humanity. It feels like a veil is drowning the very core of how we're made, the infrastructural needs of humans to engage, interact with things as simple as a smile and a hug. These things are massively important to us in ways we may not genuinely comprehend; side effects we are yet to truly identify with or understand are well on their way to making their ugly heads visible.

All of this goes against my very being. It faces off with the logic that has guided me in life's many adventures. Both business and personal experiences that many would feel defy the statistical odds both personally and financially, economically, and intellectually.

I always try to balance the reality of what is genuinely engaging my world and how it is presented; in this case, I do not believe we are being told the truth. I do not think this is by chance, and I do not feel that things will get better. At least as far as society goes. Honestly, in my best guestimation, things will worsen, and there are many reasons that, if viewed objectively, really left us as a nation, no other viable outcome.

We are a spoiled nation that has forgotten just how good we have it. History has repeated a hundred times over in a generational phase, this phase of entitled humanity, which we are too stupid to correct, and yet I still, as a man, am at peace. Even though I know things will become intolerable, there is no avoiding it based on that word history. Existence will need to be hard, again, so people will know what they had and miss it before seeing a turn of the provincial tide.

Yet, I feel good as far as it relates to me. I am at peace regardless of what happens out there, I am ok no matter what the world has to throw at me, and I thought it was worth sharing why. Why the world out there has no bearing on what goes on in the chaotic chambers of my mind.

Here is why.

Even though I am not a fan of religion, my faith in Jesus is truly unparalleled comfort. I know that regardless of what the world has to throw my way, His promise to protect me and my household is enough to hang my hat on. But that's not all.

I also know that one thing that keeps the percentages of the successful from the ordinary so far apart is how one manages their time and their focused efforts in executing their undivided attention. I know the media feeds profitably on how one engages with the tantalizing headlines designed to distract the weak. To steal your attention, to divert your reasoning, to steal your focus.

When I focus on my life, responsibilities, goals, and mission to become a better human, the world does not naively disappear. It becomes subordinate to my plans; the roles of perceived power switch sides because I know, without a doubt, that right now, with current events, there is no pending life-ending experience that will end humanity as a whole. I also know that the elites still want to capitalize on the hard-earned efforts of the common.

Even though we are in a locked-down chaotic state of hyped up and embellished affairs, we can as people dig into who we are and suck the power they think they hold over the people. When we focus on the core of who we are and how we live, which requires a daily focus, the world becomes our playground, not our master.

This is why I feel good; I feel at peace with my world as it sits. This is why I journal, why I pray, why I read... as much as I can, why I practice my handwriting daily and why I spend time with the people in my life whom I value.

This is why I am not on social media, why I don't worry about the masses' opinions, why I spend time with the homeless and drink freshly ground coffee. It is why I collect and study works from the 1800s and use a quill pen to write with.

This is why I am ok. I try to live my life on my terms, even though it is not always perfect. It gives me a deep peace that I believe you can also find, and once you do, I promise the rest of the pieces, for the most part, fall into place on their own. I challenge you to take a hard look at where you are focusing your time and your attention daily, take it back, make it yours and focus on things that will make your life awesome regardless of that chaos we cannot control that is going on out there.

In closing, a straightforward suggestion when it comes to religion, and this thing we call faith. Just make Jesus real. that is all it took for the whole messy Christianity we all know here in the US to make sense and become tangible without glitz and glamour. Just make Him real.