29 Years


The DeSoto family started in 1991 and is going strong. Life is nowhere close to perfect but we all know what real love looks, feels and acts like.

About Sergio DeSoto

Thank you for stopping by, hopefully this will give you some insight into the world of Sergio DeSoto.

Circa 2004

SNA GRAPHICS was born.

Solving a problem

The Bad Wrap™ was invented

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Fellers Inc.

VP of Marketing - wrap division

Lowen Inc.

The largest event

The wrap industry has ever seen.

Helping Small Business

Awards and Celebrities

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100% of the profits

Goes directly to helping children and families in need. Every purchase touches a real humans world in a very loving and positive way by impacting our Mission.

Giving back

Make a Wish & Phoenix Children's Hospital

Sergio has volunteered at both organizations and has donated his photography to help make things a little brighter for children who are going through often hard times.

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